Yeah, we got 'em.

We always want to play up the brand value in our videos, but our campaigns also drive action, sales, and success metrics that keep your rocketship going. We understand people have goals with their customers and we intend to help deliver them.

When clients ask us to hit the mark, we go beyond it. That’s why people come to Sandwich. Here are some selected case studies of our work.


Rakuten had a clear goal: drive acquisition and create a brand announcement for a new market. Our approach was to shoot a series of testimonials: real Rakuten users speaking to their experiences, knowledge, and honest feeling about Rakuten (all positive, naturally). And guess what? We killed it on the performance metrics.

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Increase in Awareness
Reduction in CPA

Rakuten has been able to meet each of their aggressive quarterly goals in awareness and topline metrics and is now well positioned in the marketplace as they move into their prime retail season.

- Rakuten's Media Agency

PetMeds wanted to educate their audience, drive customer acquisition, and stand out from their competitors by repositioning the brand to show off some expertise. The CMO gave us the mission and we knew just how to execute it.

We came up with a suite of concepts that we first market tested with focus groups so that each tailored message of their competitive advantages was coming across to the audiences. Once we identified our concepts, we produced two spots that personified PetMeds and their soft values: expertise, trust, and ethical dispensing. They were hits.

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Higher spend levels
Reduction in Cost Per New Order
Fewer impressions needed to drive a site visit

Most enterprise B2B videos get a few thousand views (if you’re that lucky). We wanted to do something different and better, so we grounded Slack’s features in actual interactions with actual people actually using it. And yes, we cast ourselves. We produced two videos: one when they launched and the other when the pandemic hit. Naturally, Stewart Butterfield (the founder) loved it and so did the internet.

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YouTube Views (Slack)
YouTube Views (Slack WFH)

In 2018, Rothy’s sold over a million pairs. They were looking to take their advertising to the next level: TV. So, Sandwich produced 2 spots that were designed to be similar in look and attitude, but with different messaging approaches so Rothy’s could see which resonated more with their audience.

And it worked. Anecdotally, Rothy’s Head of Growth reported back to us that this TV investment increased their aided brand awareness and their direct sales. Oh, and Adweek even wrote about it.


Meticulous had a great coffee machine that needed great marketing. So, the founder reached out to Sandwich to make a big splash with his upcoming launch on Kickstarter. We created a video that captures the essence of good espresso-making that targeted the coffee community.

What came out of it was a massive fundraise that actually broke Kickstarter records and soared Meticulous’ pre-sales within days. The goal was to raise $20k. Well, they got nearly $5M.

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Dollars Raised