Still Making Commercials
(The Kind People Like)

We weren’t about to let these challenging times stop us from doing the work we do. We just had to invent some ways to do it differently. Safely. And with all the goodness we’re known for.


On the first day of quarantine, we dreamt up a concept for our friends at Slack, telling the story of how we use Slack from home just as effectively as we do from the office. They gave it the green light, and the whole team worked quickly to figure out how to make it happen. This is what we made.


How We Made “Slack WFH”

And we figured, as long as we’re developing cool new methods to continue shooting, why not document it all as we go? And if we’re documenting it all as we go, why not share with the world? Here’s a fun “Making Of” to show how we did it, and how we plan to do it again and again.

Into the Future

It’s not easy to produce new live-action work these days that’s full of authentic character, on-message and on-brand, without sacrificing quality or relying on stock clips. But we’ve built new methods for doing just that, tastefully, repeatably and safely. With real lights, sound and cameras (not just iPhones). Get in touch and we’ll talk about making something for you.

PS – We can’t wait to get back on set with our crews, and when that day comes, we’ll do everything we can to keep them safe. Love you and miss you, Sandwich family.

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