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Three spots, three budgets,
one award-winning doc.

We love Wistia. Not only did they build an incredibly cool video platform, but they also lead a vibrant community of video makers, all fueled by a DIY spirit we find exciting and inspiring. When they came to us to promote Soapbox, their browser-based video app, they were looking for more than a commercial. They wanted something that could also act as a valuable educational resource for that community.

Soapbox 1K

Wistia was interested in exploring how budget constraints can affect creativity—for better or worse. So they asked us to make three Soapbox commercials with three budget levels: $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000. Then they’d film our entire process to create a feature-length documentary about the whole thing.


Soapbox 10k

Obviously, we leaped at the opportunity. We decided to use the same explainer-style approach for all three so viewers could easily compare and contrast the results. But we also wanted the three versions to play off each other, with little easter eggs and callbacks tying them together.


Soapbox 100k

We went from using an iPhone to an AMIRA camera to shoot the spots, along with every shortcut and extravagance we could muster. The resulting spots truly run the gamut of what Sandwich is all about.


Wistia’s documentary about the project tells the story in a funny, delightful way, while still being packed
with practical, hard-earned tips and insights. It even won a Webby Award for best video series.

One, Ten, One Hundred