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Sandwich Launches Fellowship for Startups

Los Angeles, CA: Today, Sandwich, a creative studio that specializes in commercials for tech companies, announced its first-ever fellowship for clients. Dubbed “The Breadwinner Fellowship,” it’s an open call for early-stage startups to get access to Sandwich’s services even if they don’t have all the cash. Sandwich will take an equity stake in the company in exchange for producing a commercial far cheaper than they’re used to.

Founded by Adam Lisagor, the creative studio generally works with high budgets (from $300k – 500k). At a range that high, typically Sandwich’s clients are well-funded with support from top venture capital firms. But, they miss out on working with some innovative companies that are just starting out and could use help telling their story. Historically, Adam has been open to taking on an equity stake in startups when they don’t have the cash to afford a video. However, those deals were rare and behind closed doors.

The Breadwinner Fellowship allows startups to apply directly to Sandwich, knowing they will be equity clients. Sandwich will choose up to three startups, and determine a split of equity for them and nominal cash investment from the startup that feels right to both entities. With the economic downturn, Sandwich believes this could a prime opportunity for companies to boost themselves and cut through the noise of a crowded market.

The criteria for the fellowship are as follows:

  • Comfortable with 12-15 week timeline
  • Have a killer product
  • Easy-going team (don’t be a bad client)

Sandwich prides itself on being a marketing engine for Silicon Valley. Adam and his team want to partner with innovative founders, invest in the next generation of technology, and tell the stories of products they think will change the world.

For more information and the application page, go to sandwich.co/breadwinner. Applications are due at 11:59pm on Thursday, July 27th.

About Sandwich:

Founded in 2009 by Adam Lisagor, Sandwich is a creative studio specializing in commercials for the tech industry. They’ve made over 700 videos with 300 clients and launched countless brands that are now ubiquitous, such as Slack, Uber, Robinhood, Airbnb, and TikTok. As a not-so-hidden gem for Silicon Valley, Sandwich is the best at explaining new products and has the track record to prove it – that’s why founders knock on their door every day. Their production quality, quirky writing, and investment arm have led top publications like TechCrunch, Forbes, Fast Company, Adweek, and The Verge to interview Adam and feature his team to the world. These days, Sandwich has grown beyond just commercials and is experimenting with new business ventures including a narrative division, a content channel, a non-profit, and an AI lab where they develop products to streamline their pipelines.

To see their vast (and colorful) portfolio, go to sandwich.co/work.