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2023 Breadwinner Fellowship Application

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Sandwich lives in a unique place in advertising. We get to meet the world’s most innovative startups early on because we’re known for our special ability to tell their stories at a pivotal point when doing that right can make the difference.

We’ve built an interesting model around doing some of this work in exchange for equity, which can work out well for us and for our early-stage clients. We get to make videos we’re proud of while working with startups that don’t yet have the big marketing budgets of later-stage companies, and our clients get to launch with the biggest splash possible. It’s one of our favorite ways to work, so we’re trying something new this year.

The Breadwinner Fellowship is an open call for early-stage startups to apply to work with us for a mix of your equity and a little bit of cash. So instead of the six figure fees that our projects typically command, we’ll take that value in whatever form of equity makes the most sense. We get to invest in your growth, and you get to take your product out to the world with a video that could drive traffic, press, signups, sales, all the good stuff that comes from telling your story right.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for these projects; every deal is custom. But if we love what you’re about, we’ll work together to structure a deal and make you an affordable video, and in return, we get to participate in your success. It’s refreshingly simple.

For this 2023 Fellowship, we’ll choose up to three companies that surprise and astound us. So, if you think you have a great product that we absolutely have to get behind, now is the time to apply and tell us what you’re all about.


Applications open until EOD Thursday, July 27th.

Check out our FAQ page for more info on Sandwich.

Still have questions? breadwinner@sandwich.co

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Breadwinner Fellowship

Here's a little announcement video we put together too.


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