How It Works

Here’s how it works. Ready? First: email usTell us what you’re working on, why it’s the next great thing, and any details that might help us, like timeline, budget, how you learned about us, why you like us, etc.

We’ll get back to you quicker than you think. We’ll ask lots of questions about your product and you’ll ask lots of questions about our process and we’ll get to know each other. Real talk.

What We Do

We’re a full-service video agency, which means we have all the elements in-house and all the right people on the team to handle your project from start to finish.

  1. The Creative: We figure out exactly how to convey the value of your product so your audience can understand it—how it works, what it feels like, and why they’ll want it in their lives. Usually, we’ll craft a treatment that explains the thinking behind our idea, a script that lays it out in detail, and a plan for what resources we’ll need to achieve it.
  2. Production: We crew up with talented and amazing people in our vast network of filmmakers, scout the best places to set your story, cast the people that will represent your brand and reflect the world at large, and then we shoot, using the same gear they use in Hollywood motion pictures.
  3. Post-production: We meticulously shape the work into its final form using every tool at our disposal, from high-end visual effects to original music composition or licensing, to color grading, to clever file naming.
  4. Distribution: When the final piece is baked, we’ll make sure you have the best tools to get it in front of the world. We’ll support you with TV/web media strategy and social content, partner with your PR and media buyers, we’ll even send it to our parents because they always love seeing what we’re up to.

Email us. We love email.


Q: What kind of videos do you make?

A: All kinds, from startup how-it-works videos that focus on the product to national TV commercials that are heavier on brand.

Q: What kind of clients do you prefer?

A: We work with small developers, giant publicly traded companies, and everything in between. Our favorite clients are the ones who take risks, are great communicators, and whose confidence in the value of their product translates to trust in their collaborators. Also, clients with money.

Q: If I work with you, does my video have to be quirky and feature that one guy with the beard?

A: Great question but no. We’d get bored doing the same thing over and over, so we work in a wide variety of styles—whatever fits the product. Every project is different, and we make sure to build the right creative team for each project’s needs. And the bearded guy is our founder Adam. He’s in some of our more recognizable videos, but for most of them, we use real actors.

Q: Why do people come to you? Like, the entire tech industry, it seems. It’s kind of annoying.

A: We do this work because we love good products. And when you work with good products, you can communicate with authenticity and care. Our voice just seems to work with the audiences our clients are trying to reach. So we get to keep on doing it.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Over the course of six years, nearly 300 videos for 200 clients, we’ve built a team of talented professionals who do stellar work. So, a million dollars. Just kidding, but the point is it costs real money. Typically, $200K is a good starting point, though we also work on multimillion dollar commercials. If you’re a startup or an indie developer with an idea we absolutely have to get behind, we can get creative with equity or rev share.

Q: Do you work with outside agencies?

A: Sure! Some of our favorite collaborations have been with agencies. We bring our own creative to the table by default, but we also love working with the outside creative from people at the top of their game.

Q: Do you do animated explainers?

A: No, but there are a lot of companies that do, so hit them up.

Q: Is that it?

A: Yes, that’s it.