Featured Client
Our bold, vibrant campaign
put a spring in Rothy’s step.

Rothy’s makes fun, colorful shoes—and just so happens to make them sustainably, too. They sold over a million pairs in 2018 and were looking to take their advertising to the next level: TV.

They asked if Sandwich could help. We tried their shoes and loved them. This was going to work out for everyone.

The challenge was to create a campaign that clearly articulated Rothy’s brand values, but did so by using the lively visual language of fashion marketing. So we set aside the standard tropes of explainer videos, or DR–driven testimonial spots, and focused on crafting something more artful and aspirational.

This But That

We collaborated closely with Rothy’s on the concepts, the casting and the styling, producing two spots in the same scope but with different messaging approaches. (And we did it with a crew that was almost entirely female.) They were designed to be similar in look and attitude but with different messaging approaches so Rothy’s could see which resonated more with their audience.


Her Words

The commercials don’t rely on a narrator, or even a single spoken word. They’re driven by music and sound and color and personality, with a few carefully chosen end cards to wrap it up. All these elements work together to tell the Rothy’s story in a way that’s just as fun and colorful as the shoes themselves.