Featured Client
Revving up
Lyft’s launch campaign.

From the beginning, Sandwich has excelled at introducing new brands. We love working with people who are trying to change the world, then translating their vision into something anyone can understand…and want.

Lyft is a perfect example. Today, we all know what ridesharing is and that it’s a real, practical, safe way to get around. Back in 2012, when Lyft launched, most people were still unfamiliar with the concept. And if they did know about it, they were skeptical: I’m supposed to get in some random stranger’s car?

So we did what we always do: prioritize humanity over technology. We didn’t want it to feel like a clinical demo, and we didn’t want a spokesperson trying to sell you something. We wanted Lyft drivers and riders talking about the experience in their own words—and talking to each other. Because the Lyft brand is all about friendliness, trustworthiness and community.

This was our foray into documentary, something we’ve returned to many times over the years, especially when we want to establish a brand as relatable and credible.


When we can capture genuine moments of connection, or delight, or humor, the viewer can feel it. They understand that this is a real thing that can have a positive impact on their lives, right now. And they feel good about giving this new idea a test drive.