Featured Client
Golem warps minds
with an animation explosion.

Tech can be complicated, but in most cases we’re able to boil it down to its essence so we can quickly and clearly explain how it works.

Golem is…not one of those cases.

Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. So far so good, but there’s much more to the story: the Ethereum blockchain, CGI rendering, machine learning, neural networks. It’s a lot.

We often turn to graphics to help explain complex concepts, using visual metaphors to get the message across as simply as possible. With Golem, we decided to go all-in with animation. We’re not an animation company, but when it’s the best tool for the job, we use it. And we figure out a way to use it in an entirely new way, because we’re always looking to reinvent.

The inspiration for the animation style came from the concept of Golem itself: distributed mesh computing, i.e., a bunch of nodes all over the planet sharing resources to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

It's Just a Matter of Time

In that spirit, we enlisted the talents of animators around the world to create segments of the video, then we remixed them into a cohesive story that’s dazzling, surprising and, frankly, a little trippy.