Featured Client
Computer Show:
An original comedy series
teleported from a simpler,
dumber era.

We like to unwind by watching old PBS tech talk shows from the early 80s. They’re comforting, corny, and adorably naive. That’s when inspiration struck: What if we made our own version of that show, with a clueless host from 1983, but he interviewed real-life tech visionaries from the present day.



It was a natural fit for a company like Sandwich, which got its start telling stories about technology from the perspective of everyday people. Ideas starting firing of about how we could perfectly mimic that 1983 look and sound, who could play the 1983 characters, and—best part—what 1983 clothes they could wear.



The only problem was: We don’t usually do this sort of thing. We make commercials for brands. We don’t produce original content for ourselves. Didn’t matter. The idea was too good not to make, so we put our own resources into producing it. We built a set, found the ideal cast (and gave them them ideal 80s hair), and shot it to look period perfect.


We sent them out into the Internet and people fell in love. Word spread, and pretty soon we heard from a little company called HP who wanted us to make more. They saw potential in our format to tell the story of their latest printing technology, while letting us keep the vintage look and bufoon host. This was an amazing opportunity for us to combine our tech fluency with our filmmaking chops and our love of deeply dumb jokes.

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